Train Journey to the Green Zone in Sri Lanka

Journey to The Green Zone

Sri Lanka Railway Department scheduled to operate 2 trains in Puttalam Line from May 26 To May 29

All trains are now available from Colombo Fort to Chilaw and Chilaw to Colombo Fort.

Chilaw to Colombo Fort(SPL23)

Colombo Fort to Chilaw (SPL24)

Negombo to Colombo Fort(SPL25)

Colombo Fort to Negombo(SPL26)

SPL23 - Chilaw To Colombo Fort

Start:- Chilaw at 05:30 am

End:- Colombo Fort at 07:57 am

Station Departure Time
Chilaw 05:30 am
Kakkapalliya 05:39 am
Madampe 05:46 am
Nelum Pokuna 05:49 am
Kuda wewa 05:54 am
WalahaPitiya 05:59 am
Naththandiya 06.04 am
Thummodara 06:09 am
Lunuwila 06:17 am
Boaralassa 06:28 am
Bolawaththa 06:28 am
Waikkala 06:32 am
Kochchikade 06:35 am
Kattuwa 06:40 am
Kurana 06:50 am
Katunakyaka 06:55 am
Investment Promotion Zone 06:58 am
Liyanagemulla 07:01 am
Alawathupitiya 07:07 am
Kudahakapola 07:10 am
Thudalla 07:13 am
Kapuwatta 07:18 am
Kandana 07:22 am
Peralanda 07:26 am
Ragama Junction 07:32 am
Dematagoda 07:47 am
Maradana 07:53 am
Colombo Fort 07:57 am

SPL24 - Colombo Fort To Chilaw

Start:- Colombo Fort at 16:45 pm

End:- Chilaw at 19:15 pm

Station Departure Time
Colombo Fort 16:45 pm
Maradana 16:55 pm
Ragama Junction 17:13 pm
Peralanda 17:19 pm
Kandana 17:23 pm
Kapuwatta 17:26 pm
Thudalla 17:32 pm
Kudahakapola 17:36 pm
Alawathupitiya 17:39 pm
Liyanagemulla 17:45 pm
Investment Promotion Zone   17:48 pm
Katunakyaka 17:51 pm
Kurana 17:56 pm
Kattuwa 18:06 pm
Kochchikade 18:11 pm
Waikkala 18:14 pm
Bolawaththa 18:18 pm
Boaralassa 18:23 pm
Lunuwila 18.29 pm
Thummodara 18:37 pm
Naththandiya 18:42 pm
WalahaPitiya 18:47 pm
Kuda wewa 18:52 pm
Nelum Pokuna 18:57 pm
Madampe 19:00 pm
Kakkapalliya 19:07 pm
Chilaw 19:15 pm

SPL 25 - Negombo To Colombo Fort

Start:- Negombo at 06:35 pm

End:- Colombo Fort at 07:40 pm

Station Departure Time
Negombo 06:35 pm
Seeduwa 06:54 pm
Ja-Ela 07:06 pm
Dematagoda 07:31 pm
Maradana 07:36 pm
Colombo Fort 07:40 pm


SPL 26 - Colombo Fort To Negombo

Start:- Colombo Fort at 16:30 pm

End:- Negombo at 17:32 pm

Station Departure Time
Colombo Fort 16:30 pm
Maradana 16:40 pm
Ja-Ela 17:08 pm
Seeduwa 17:19 pm
Negombo 17:32 pm
Page was last updated:- May 26, 2020

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