Peradeniya junction railway station

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Peradeniya junction railway station

Station Name:-
Peradeniya Junction
Track name
01 Main Line  1way+1way
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Kandy /Central
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Peradeniya junction Railway Station  is 45th railway station on the main line and situated about 115 km away from the Colombo-Fort, at an elevation of about 476 meters above sea level. It is an important railway junction in Sri Lanka railways, which connecting the Track No 02 Matale line, from Peradeniya to Matale via Kandy and Track No 01 Main line, from Colombo to Badulla. Station has three platforms. Generally, platform no one and two are serve the trains of Matale line and Main line. Platform no three used for inbound and outbound services to the Main line. Almost all Long distance and Local trains stop at the station.

Train Time Table at Peradeniya Junction Railway station

Main Line - Peradeniya To Badulla / Nawalapitiya / Hatton Train Schedule

T- NoD- TimeDestinationAvailable Type
1126 03:47BadullaDailyLCT
1120 06:03NawalapitiyaDailyLCT
1005 08:33BadullaDailyXPT
1015 10:55BadullaDailyXPT
1007 12:31BadullaDailyXPT
1023 15:54HattonDailyXPT
2185 19:33NawalapitiyaDailyLCT
1045 23:06BadullaDailyNMT

Time table Peradeniya to Colombo Fort / Polgahawela 

Train No Type of the Train Peradeniya Departure Time Train Runs to Available days
1511 Local Trains 01:43 Polgahawela Daily
1046 Long Distance 02:20 Colombo Fort Daily
1040 Long Distance 05:22 Colombo Fort Monday To Saturday
Long Distance 05:22
Colombo Fort Sunday Only
1036 Long Distance 06:43 Colombo Fort Daily
1024 Colombo Commuter 09:58 Colombo Fort Daily
1024 Colombo Commuter 10:58 Colombo Fort Daily
1016 Long Distance 13:03 Colombo Fort Daily
1544 Local Trains 14:12 Polgahawela Daily
Long Distance 15.10
Colombo Fort Daily
1006 Long Distance 16:40 Colombo Fort Daily
Long Distance 17.03
Colombo Fort Sat and Sunday
1008 Long Distance 18:27 Colombo Fort Daily
Time table Peradeniya to Matale / Kandy
Train No Type of The Train Peradeniya Departure Time  From   To Available Days
1046 Long Distance 02:20 Badulla Colombo Fort Daily
1236 Local Trains 06:49 Nawalapitiya Kandy Daily
1520 Local Trains 07:46 Hatton Kandy Daily
1128 Local Trains 08:24 Polgahawela Kandy Daily
1009 Long Distance 09:22 Colombo Fort Kandy Daily
1007 Long Distance 10:30 Colombo Fort Badulla Daily
1031 Long Distance 11:18 Colombo Fort Kandy Saturday, Sunday And Holidays
1541 Local Trains 12:03 Hatton Kandy Daily
1019 Long Distance 13:41 Colombo Fort Kandy Daily
1023 Long Distance 15:47 Colombo Fort Hatton Daily
2243 Local Trains 16:45 Peradeniya Matale Daily
1023 Long Distance 17:13 Colombo Fort Hatton Daily
1244 Local Trains 17:33 Nawalapitiya Kandy Daily
1029 Long Distance 17:57 Colombo Fort Kandy Daily
1035 Long Distance 19:28 Colombo Fort Kandy Monday To Friday (Except Holidays)
1035 Long Distance 19:28 Colombo Fort Kandy Monday To Friday
1039 Long Distance 20:47 Colombo Fort Kandy Daily
1189 Local Trains 21:45 Polgahawela Kandy Daily
Colombo Fort to Peradeniya Train time table and tickets prices
Train ticket prices
Train No  Time Time table by train number
1st Class
2nd Class 3rdClass
1005 05.55 View  Time table  Train No 1005-1006
180.00  100.00
1009 07.00
View All tickets prices From Colombo Fort
1007 08.10 View  Time table  Train No 1007-1008
 1031 08.50
1015 09.45 View  Time table  Train No 1015-1016
 1023  12.40
 1029  15.35
 1035  16.35
1039 17.45

1045 20.00 View  Time table  Train No 1045-1046 Updated 27/12/2012

Peradeniya Railway Station 3rd Platform

Peradeniya railway station is one of the oldest railway stations in Sri Lanka that opened in 1867 when the route was extend from Polgahawela to Kandy as a part of Colombo to Kandy, the first train route in Sri Lanka. Initially the station was not a railway junction station. 6 years later, exactly on January 15, 1873 Station became a junction station with line was constructed From Peradeniya to Gampola and renamed the station as Peradeniya Junction Railway Station. The station had two platforms in the beginning and type of the railway junction was Y-shaped Track Arrangement, which mean that train routing from one line to the other line that train needs reverse. accordingly incapable accessibility, Sri Lanka railways upgraded the junction railway network which Y shape railway junction to the Triangular Railway Junction, as well as constructed one more platform alone from the main station in the triangle railway network alike a small railway station. Which mean that, now can be routing trains from any line to any other line, without reverse the train. 1st December 2008, new platform opened and named as the “3rd platform”.

Satellite image of Peradeniya Railway junction

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City and surrounding area

Peradeniya Station is near many tourist attractions including Peradeniya botanical garden, one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world, famous for the varieties of Orchids.
Another important place is the University of Peradeniya situated close to the railway Station
Use the map or web to explore the area around Peradeniya junction Station.

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