Sri Lanka Railways- At a Glance

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Sri Lanka Railways- At a Glance

Sri Lanka railway (1864)
  • Number of Stations

major stations 168
Sub stations 145
  • Motive power

Diesel Electric 75
Diesel hydraulic 23
Diesel multiple units 37
Steam locomotives 4
  • Track
Total route length 1447km
Track gauge 1676 mm
Ruling gradient 1in 44
Ruling curvature 100m
Rail type 80lbs/yd 88lbs/yd 90lbs/yd
Wooden sleepers 1300km
Concrete 150km
  • Signaling

Color light signaling with CTC 76km
Color light signaling without CTC 106km
Mechanical signaling 1268km
Employees 18605
  • Passengers carried  (2000)

Number of passengers 87.4 millions
Passenger-kilometers 3538 millions
Freight Carried  
Freight tonnage 1.352
Tonne- kilometers 107.7
Reference  :   Rail 2000 by priyal deSilva  

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