Dunhinda Falls--Sri Lanka

Journey to The Green Zone

Dunhinda Falls--Sri Lanka

Dunhinda Falls continue
On the way
To see beauty of the falls, you have to walk about 2 km distance along a foot path from the main road

Trail dunhinda
trail to dunhinda

mountain of Sri lanka

View  of Badulu Valley

Badulu valley

Badullu valley

This scenic Roadside Look-out features

giant squirrel
Sri Lanka Giant squirrel (Ratufa ) (Dadu Lena).

What kind of bird is this?
bird on the way

There are many plants and Birds you can see in this area Almost of these species are rare and endemic. Today, these are at risk of extinction due to human activities. Please help to keep these plants and animals from extinction and make the World clean and Green

on the way Dunhinda Fallson the way Dunhinda Falls

This is a favorite stop for visitors

Left side of the trail, there is a nice little waterfall known as ‘Kuda Dunhinda Fall’ of the river Badulu Oya. Also has a small viewing platform which best place to take pictures around the fall
 kuda Dunhinda Fallskuda Dunhinda Falls
View of the Small Dunhinda Fall (kuda Duninda)

 Kuda Dunhinda Falls

Dunhinda Falls
Dunhinda falls

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