Hatton Railway Station

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Hatton Railway Station

The Hatton railway station is situated on Main Line between Rozella and Kotagala railway stations. It is in Nuwara Eliya district and distance from Colombo Fort is 173.06 km with elevation of 1262.5m Hamsl. The station code is HTN. The railway station has 04 platforms but usually 3 platforms are serve for passengers. Generally Platform number 1 for trains to Badulla that come from Colombo fort or Kandy while platform No:2 are use for down trains which is to Nawalapitiya, Kandy, and to Colombo Fort that trains come from Badulla or Haputale. All trains that run on the line are stop at Hatton and the station handles a total of 12 trains daily. The Hatton railway station was started in 1884 when the main line was extended from Nawalapitiya to Hatton and the station was terminus of the main line until the line was completed up to Nanu-Oya from Hatton. Hatton railway station is an important railway station on the Mainline of Sri Lanka rail network. It is the busiest railway station in the Nuwara Eliya district and the second-busiest railway station in the Central Province. Approximately 1 million passenger use the station during the Season of Adama'sPeak railway station has reservation and train enquiry section, tickets office, cloak room, waiting hall, a book stall, tea stall, toilet blocks, and catering area, and enough parking place for private and public vehicles. Also station manage a important free service which is a large waiting room locate outside of the station with some facilities to visitors specially for pilgrims to Adams Peak. These facilities opened in Official Sripada season that begins in December and ends in May and is point to encourage pilgrims and travelers to continue their journey in happy from the railway station by public or private transport service. Furthermore, The Sri Lanka Transport Board mange a Joint railway-bus service to pilgrims that start from Hatton railway station with every railway turns in the Sripada season.
Hatton Railway Station

Hatton Railway Station

Hatton is a major resort town in Sri Lanka including various Major Tourist and local travel Attractions. It is center of the Ceylon Tea industry that has number of famous tea estates margin to the Peak Wilderness Protected Area which is a part of major World heritage site called The Central Highlands of Sri Lanka. All kinds of holiday accommodations such as hotels, villas, Bungalows, tea trails, restaurants, fishing huts, are available in the city- town area.

    Interesting places around Hatton

  • Adams Peak

    Laxapana Waterfalls

    Water Reservoirs

    Horton Plain

    Trekking tea trails

Hatton Railway Station Timetable

Hatton to Kandy / Colombo Fort Timetable

Train No
Train to
Departure Time
Train Type
1520Kandy05:10DailyLocal train
1024Colombo Fort06:57DailyLong Distance
1541Nawalapitiya08:45DailyLocal train
1016Colombo Fort10:30DailyLong Distance
1006 1008 Colombo Fort Colombo Fort 13:27 15.33DailyLong Distance Express Train
1582Nawalapitiya21:40DailyLocal train
1046Colombo Fort23:43DailyLong Distance
View  Time table  Train No 1005-1006 View tickets prices From Colombo Fort
View  Time table  Train No 1007-1008
View  Time table  Train No 1015-1016
View  Time table  Train No 1045-1046

Hatton To Badulla

Train No
Train to
Departure Time
Train Type
Desired time to destination
1045Badulla01:38DailyLong DistanceBadulla07:10
1102Kotagala02:57DailyLocal trainKotagala03:12
1126Badulla07:20DailyLocal trainBadulla14:30
1005Badulla11:14DailyLong DistanceBadulla16:06
1015Badulla13:28DailyLong DistanceBadulla18:32
1007Badulla14:30DailyLong DistanceBadulla19:17
1159Haputale16:13DailyLocal trainHaputale20:57

Colombo Fort to Hatton train time table

Train No Colombo Fort Departure Time Train Runs to Hatton Reaching Time Available days Type of the Train
1005 05:55 Badulla 11:00 Daily Long Distance
1015 08:30 Badulla 12:53 Daily Long Distance
1007 09:45 Badulla 14:30 Daily Long Distance
1023 12:40 Hatton 19:52 Daily Long Distance
1045 20:00 Badulla 01:35 Daily Long Distance
Updated 25/03/2015

Pictures between Rosella and Hatton taken from Podi menike train window

Picture between Rosella and HattonPicture between Rosella and Hatton Picture between Rosella and HattonPicture between Rosella and HattonPicture from Train window  between Rosella and Hatton
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