Matara railway station

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Matara railway station

Matara railway station is 63rd station from Colombo fort railway station and situated at an altitude of 7.31 meters and 157.88 km away from the center of the railway network. Matara railway station opened on 17 December 1895 as the terminus of the Coastline in Sri Lanka railways.

Timetable at Matara train station

809704: 55MaradanaMon:To Fri.LCT
871305:05GalleMon:To Fri.LCT
805706:10MaradanaNot SatXPT
809306.20VavuniaSat onlyXPT
833807:10GalleMon:To Fri.LCT
808509:40Colombo  FortDailyXPT
834010:25GalleMon:To Fri.LCT
803913:35Colombo FortDailyXPT
806116:00MaradanaSat SunXPT
836817:00GalleMon.To Fri.LCT
Last update:- 15/03/2015

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