Anuradhapura Railway Station

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Anuradhapura Railway Station

Anuradhapura railway Station
Anuradhapura railway station is the major railway station on the Northern line situated 205 km away from Colombo Fort railway station.Station was built in 1903 when the Kurunegala to Anuradhapura track was completed which  section of the Northern line.

Anuradhapura Railway station time table

To Colombo fort / Maho

T- NoD TimeTrain Runs toAvailableType / Train
506802:20Colombo FortXPT
408605:00Colombo FortDailyXPT
400406:40Colombo FortDailyICE
407810:30Colombo FortDailyXPT
401813:00Colombo FortDailyICE
409413:20Colombo FortSunXPT
586814:15Colombo FortXPT
400216:32Colombo FortDailyICE-Ac
487416:50MahoDailyLocal Train
485118:50PolgahawelaDailyGood train
409023:10Colombo FortDailyNight Mail

Train Schedule Mannar Line / Jaffna / Kankesanturai

T- NoD TimeTrain Runs toAvailableType /Train
506700:45Talaimannar PierDailyXPT
408901:45ChunnakamDailyNight Mail
544501:30Talaimannar PierDailyLocal Trains
546407:30Madu RoadSaturdayLocal Trains
501:30MedawachchiMon to FriLocal Trains
2507:35Madu RoadDailyR-Bus
914:00MedawachchiNot SatR-Bus
545214:35Talaimannar PierDailyXPT
546314:30Madu RoadSaturdayLocal Trains
1117:15MedawachchiMon to FriR-Bus
408519:05VavuniyaDailyXPT  Rajarata Rajini
Updated 01/04/2015

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