Inter City Express Services - Time table

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Inter City Express Services - Time table

The tables below show the time schedule of Sri Lanka Intercity Express trains Intercity Train Ticket Price

Intercity Express Services - Colombo - Fort Railway Station

To Northern Line

Train NoD-TimeDestinationTypeR-TimeAvailable

To Kandy

T NoD TimeDestinationAvailableTypeR Time
10319:00KANDYSat Sun +HICE11:31
103317:20KANDYFri SatICE-Ac20:03

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1009 1029 1031 1033

Intercity Express Services - Kankasanthurai Railway Station

Train NoD-TimeDestinationTypeR-TimeAvailable
401809:40Colombo FortICE16:35Daily
400213:25Colombo FortICE- Ac20:05Daily

Intercity Express Services - Jaffna Railway Station

Train NoD-TimeDestinationTypeR-TimeAvailable
409409:10Colombo FortICE*18:20Sun
401810:10Colombo FortICE16:35Daily
400113:45Colombo FortICE- Ac20:05Daily

Intercity Express Services - Vavuniya Railway Station

Train NoD-TimeDestinationTypeR-TimeAvailable
400405:45Colombo FortICE10:32Daily
409411:31Colombo FortICE*18:20Sun
401812:04Colombo FortICE16:35Daily
400215:36Colombo FortICE- Ac20:05Daily

Intercity Express Services - Anuradhapura Railway Station

Train NoD-TimeDestinationTypeR-TimeAvailable
400406:40Colombo FortICE10:32Daily
409413:20Colombo FortICE*18:20Sun
401813:00Colombo FortICE16:35Daily
400216:32Colombo FortICE- Ac20:05Daily

Intercity Express Services - Kandy Railway Station

Train NoD-TimeDestinationTypeR-TimeAvailable
103405:50Colombo FortICE08:42Sat M
103006:15Colombo FortICE08:52Daily
101015:00Colombo FortICE17:36Daily
103216:55Colombo FortICE19:30Sat Sun +H

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1034 1032 1010 1030

Intercity Express Services - Gampaha Railway Station

Train NoD-TimeDestinationTypeR-TimeAvailable
103408:03Colombo FortICE08:42Sat Mon
401816:01Colombo FortICE16:35Daily
101017:03Colombo FortICE17:36Daily
103218:57Colombo FortICE19:30Sat Sun +H
Train NoD-TimeDestinationTypeR-TimeAvailable
103109:30KandyICE11:31Sat Sun +H
103317:53KandyICE-Ac20:03Fri Sun

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Updated 20/04/2015

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