Mannar Line - Sri Lanka Railways

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Mannar Line - Sri Lanka Railways

List of Railway Stations in Mannar Line - Track No 05

The Mannar Line was started construction in 1905 including 10 railway stations and after completing the line from Medawachchi to Talai Mannar, good and passenger services commenced on 24 February 1914. In 1929 track extended service and started boat service from Talaimannar Pier to Rameshwaram in India.  All services on the line closed in 1990 due to activities of LTTE terrorism. After declared of end of the War in 2009, Sri lanka railways was begun to reconstruction of the line. The final stage of construction of rail track from Medawachchi to Talaimannar including 11 railway stations have been completed and inaugurated opening to the public by Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on March 14 2015 in his official visit of Sri Lanka.
The Mannar Line starts from Medawachchi Railway Junction and Thalaimannar Pier is Terminus of the line. Distance in Km and Elevation in meters that measured with Google satellite Map
Track NoStationDistance (Km)Elevation (M)
4Medawachchi Junction228.5693.00
5Madhu Road271.2427.50
5Talaimannar Pier334.805.00

Madu Road Railway Station

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