Polonnaruwa Railway Station

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Polonnaruwa Railway Station

Polonnaruwa railway station is a major railway station on Batticaloa line in North Central province in Sri Lanka between Parakum Uyana Railway station and Gal Lalla railway station. It is situated 258 km away from the Colombo Fort and 90 km from Batticaloa Railway station which is terminus of the line. Station elevation is 45.73m Amsl. Station was started in 1927 and all trains that running on the Batticaloa line are stop at the station. Station Code is PLN
Polonnaruwa city is one of the most famous city in Sri lanka, also famous in the world has Ancient City of Polonnaruwa which is one of the World heritage site declared in 1982 by WHC-UNESCO.The city has thousand of ancient monuments including Parakrama Samuddraya which is one of the Sri Lanka miraculous construction that built by King Sri Prakkramabahu who ruled the Sri lanka in 1165 AD. The city has many attractive tourist and local hotels, restaurants and various type of accommodations for service to thousands of local and foreign visitors that coming throughout the year.

Polonnaruwa railway station Time table

Train schedule Polonnaruwa to Colombo Fort Maho / Gal Oya Junction

Train NoTypeTimeRun ToAvailable
24 R-Bus 05:10 Galoya-Junction Daily
6012 XPT 07:30 Colombo Fort Daily
6891 Local 11:30 Maho Junction Daily
6084 Local 17:30 Galoya-Junction Daily
6080 Night Mail 20:30 Colombo Fort Daily

TRain schedule Polonnaruwa to Batticaloa

Train NoTypeTimeRun ToAvailable
6079 Night Mail 01:54 Batticaloa Daily
6479 Local 10:45 Batticaloa Daily
6011 XPT 13:45 Batticaloa Daily
6089 Local 14:28 Batticaloa Daily
23 R-Bus 14:28 Batticaloa Daily

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