Demodara Railway Station

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Demodara Railway Station

Demodara railway station
This is a famous railway station on the Main Line located between Ella railway station and Uduwara railway station in Badulla district in Uwa province. 277.71km away from Colombo Fort railway station with an elevation 912.50 M high above mean Sea level. Station Code is D D R. Station has only one platform with a crossing loop and all trains that Badulla inbound and outbound trains are serve the station.
Demodara Station opened to the public on 5 February 1923, when completing  the final part of the construction, that Bandarawela to Badulla about 33 km of the main line.

Timetable at Demodara

To Badulla

T- NoD- TimeDestinationAvailableType
1045 6:29 BadullaDailyNMT
1126 13:43 BadullaDailyLocal
1005 15:29 BadullaDailyXPT
1015 17:42 BadullaDailyXPT
1007 18:38 BadullaDailyXPT

To Colombo Kandy

T- NoD- TimeDestinationAvailableType
101606:24 Colombo FortDailyXPT
100609:09Colombo FortDailyXPT
1008 10:41Colombo FortDailyXPT
159611:47 KandyDailyLocal
104618:37 Colombo FortDailyNMT
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Demodara railway station Demodara Railway station is a wonderful construction of the Sri Lanka railway network or worldwide railway networks. The Demodara Loop, which is the track passes under itself, going around the loop and emerges from no 41 tunnel. Loop is about 900 m long. The station situated exactly over the tunnel.  Also that's center of the crossing point on the top of the loop. This type of loop is known as “spiral loop” or “circular loop”. In Sri Lanka, some time called as “Demodara looping  the loop”
There are many spiral loops in the worlds.
1. Septemvri–Dobrinishte –        Bulgaria 2 tunnel
2. Tehachapi Loop        -           California1  tunnels
Demodara loop is the only loop in the world which is a railway station situated exactly over a tunnel at a spiral loop

Demodara 41 tunnel

41 tunnuls Demodara

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