Pattipola railway station

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Pattipola railway station

Station Name:-
Track name
01 Main Line  1way
Number of platform
1897.56 m

Length of platform

Nuwara Eliya /Central
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Pattipola Railway station
Pattipola railway station

Pattipola railway station

This is a most famous railway station, 224km away from Colombo Fort and located between Ambewela railway station and Ohiya railway station on the Main Line in Nuwara Eliya district in Central province. It is the highest railway station in Sri Lanka with altitude of 1897.5 /m high above mean sea level.station has one platform with two track as a siding loop Station and  all the trains  that running on the main line are stop at  the station.

Station Code is P P L

Pattipola Railway Station Timetable

Pattipola To Badulla Timetable

T-No Time Destination Type Available
1126 10:20 Badulla Local Daily
1005 13:24 Badulla XPT Daily
1015 15:40 Badulla XPT Daily
1007 16:36 Badulla XPT Daily
1159 19:45 Haputale XPT Daily
1045 04:02 Badulla NMT Daily

Pattipola To Kandy Colombo Fort Timetable

T-No Time Destination Type Available
101608:40 Colombo FortXPTDaily
1006 11:19Colombo FortXPT Daily
100812:56Colombo FortXPT Daily
104621:27Colombo FortNMT Daily

Colombo Fort to Pattipola Time table
Train No  Time

1005 05.55 View  Time table  Train No 1005-1006
View tickets prices From Colombo Fort to Pattipola
1007 08.10 View  Time table  Train No 1007-1008
1015 09.45 View  Time table  Train No 1015-1016
1045 20.00 View  Time table  Train No 1045-1046
 Updated 21/212/2012

Sri Lank railways started construction of the Main line in 1863 in the title of “Ceylon Government Railway” or "C G R" by the British colonial administration. The first part of the main line, Colombo to Ambepussa commenced on 27 December 1864 and section of Nanuoya to Haputale opened to the public on 1893. It was included such as Ambewela, Pattipola and Ohiya railway Station.
Line passes Nanuoya at elevation of 1613 m and starts climb to 116m in 5km distance to Parakumpura railway station. It is at 1729/m H.A.M.S.L. in the picture illustrated below; it seems this part of the way is one of the steepest gradients of the track.

 Elevation and Distance Chart

  graphs not drawn to scale
track continuous to Ambewela where its way, right of the Mepilimana Mountain, Elgin Falls and leaves one small river named Dambagasthalawa and reaches its the highest stop Pattipola, altitude of 1891/M high above mean sea level.
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Summit level in Sri Lanka

 Railway Summit in Sri Lanka

Just after past the station about 2km, route reach its highest point, “Summit level” at 224km on the route with altitude of 1898.1/m.

Tunnel 18
now, route begins descent and continues through the tunnel “T No 18” 321.95/m long at few kilometers after the railway summit which is the third longest tunnel in Sri Lanka. It is also the demarcation of Central province and Uwa province.

Collapse of tunnel 18

In 1951, Tunnel 18 was collapse because  activities of the Garret Engines that were running on the Main Line in that time. After the biggest engineer efforts, the tunnel repaired permanently in 1981 by Mr. Priyal De Silva ( view closed railway stations in Sri Lanka) who was the District engineer - Upper district of the Sri Lanka railways

notice board at the tunnel 18
Notice at the tunnel 18

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