Closed Railway Lines in Sri Lanka

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Closed Railway Lines in Sri Lanka

This Page is Dedicate to Those Who Have Participated to Construction and Development of the Sri Lanka Railways.

Closed railway Stations and Railway lines in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka railway has a history of about 150 years. In August 1858, the first sod of the railway line was cut by Sir Henry ward, the governor of Sri Lanka, and the first train of the line operated from Colombo to Ambepussa on December 27, 1864.
Initially, the railway system progressed from the capitol of the country and established in some major cities covering all the provinces of Sri Lanka. End of the year 1925, Sri Lanka railway had a total length of network rail road about 1550 km. Development of this railway network contributed to the country's economic growth and met the social aspirations of the Sri Lanka people that Providing a invaluable service to the public transport and freight transport of the country. .After 1938-40 the railway came in to trouble, some branch of the railway network closed down because of  financial losses cause of the world war, improper administration of the railways, and due to the people chose the road transport than the railway transport.

I quote a paragraph of article from the Book "Rail 2000" edited by Mr Priyal De Silva who was the General Manager Sri Lanka railways.
“”As a railway engineer, who has served in most part of the network, I acquire a great emotional feeling when I see the old traces bear embankments, embankments half sliced off for other development work, or unauthorized settlements which are coming up like mushrooms . The old arch culverts and bridges in these traces should remain as archaeological monuments for future generation to observe that hard manual work what their forefathers have carried out.””

This is the list for anyone interested in Sri Lanka abandoned railway lines/branches and Lost railway stations in Sri Lanka

Main Line

From/JunctionTo terminusOpened dateClosed datelength

Closed railway stations

Blackpool railway station
Nuwara Eliya railway station
Kandeppola railway station
Brookside railway station
Ragala railway station(terminus)

Kelani Valley Line

From / JunctionTo / TerminusOpened - yearClosed Length

Closed railway stations

Talduwa railway station*
Dehiowita railway station
Karawanella railway station
Yatiyantota  railway station(terminus)

Openayake Line

From/JunctionTo terminusOpened - yearClosed Length

Closed railway stations

Getahetta railway station
Eheliyagoda railway station
Parakaduwa railway station
Kuruwita railway station
Ratnapura railway station
Tiriwanaketiya railway station
Delarailway station
Watapota  railway station
Kahawatta railway station
Opanayake railway station(terminus)

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