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Ambanpola Railway station
The Ambanpola railway station is a Small station in Sri Lanka Railways and 48th  station on the Northern  line from Colombo fort. Railway station is located at 140.30 km away from Colombo Fort and in the East side of the Ambanpola Town, kurunegala district in North western Province.  Slow trains and several long distance trains  are stop at the station. The nearest major stations are Maho junction and Galgamuwa railway station. Elevation of the station is 82.01m height above mean sea level.
Station Code is ABN

Ambanpola Railway station Time table
To Colombo Fort
Train No Type of the Train  Departure Time Train Runs to Available days
4090 Colombo commuter 01:03 Colombo Fort Daily
4086 Long distance 06:26 Colombo Fort Daily
4851 Good train 08:35 Colombo Fort Daily
4868 Mixed train 10:52 Colombo Fort Daily
4874 Local train 18:16 Maho Daily

Time table  at Abanpola railway station

To Anuradhapura

Train No Type of the Train  Departure Time Train Runs to Available days 
4089 Long distance 02:11 Omanthai Daily
4461 Local train 06:24 Anuradhapura Daily
4081 Local train 09:44 Meadawachchi Daily
4452 Mixed train 14:18 Anuradhapura Daily
4085 Long distance 17:20 Omanthai Daily

Train time table -Colombo Fort to Ambanpola

Train No Colombo Fort  Departure Time Train Runs to
4452 10:00 Anuradhapura
4085 13:45 Omanthai
4089 22:30 Omanthai

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