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Negombo Railway Station

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Negombo Railway Station Code is NGB
The Negombo railway station is a famous Railway station in the Sri Lanka Railways and 24th station on the Puttalam line from Colombo fort. Railway station is located between Kurana and Kattuwa railway stations in the Gampaha District of the Western Province.  It is  37.64 km far from Colombo Fort and  elevation of 2.18m H.A.M.S.L..
Station has two* platform and all trains that running on the line are stop at the station.
In1908, Inaugurated the track laying to Puttalam Line and completed in 1926 Negombo railway station was  opened in 1910 as a  part of the construction project.

Negombo is a largest City in the Western province  of the Sri Lanka and most popular tourist destination because of has  lovely,  large sandy beach  including many famous tourist hotels.Also famous for fishing industry.
Negombo is a multi-religious city that majority of Roman Catholics , Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims with famous Hindu temples (Kovil), Catholic churches,and Buddhist Temple. Agurukaramulla Raja Maha Viharaya is the nearest Famous temple to the Negombo City
 Also,Negombo is the closest major city to the Colombo International Airport in Sri Lanka about 8km distance

Time table at Negombo railway station
Time table from Negombo railway station to Colombo Fort / Maradana

Train No Type of the Train Negombo- Departure Time Train Runs to Available days
3800 Local Trains 05:06 Maradana Daily
3801 Colombo Commuter 05:43 Maradana Daily
3803 Colombo Commuter 06:10 Maradana Daily
3805 Colombo Commuter 06:33 Maradana Daily
3809 Colombo Commuter 06:50 Colombo Fort Daily
3808 Colombo Commuter 07:12 Maradana Monday To Friday
3810 Colombo Commuter 07:35 Colombo Fort Saturday And Sunday
3821 Colombo Commuter 09:10 Colombo Fort Monday To Friday
3816 Colombo Commuter 10:29 Colombo Fort Daily
3817 Colombo Commuter 12:42 Colombo Fort Saturday And Sunday
3817 Colombo Commuter 12:55 Colombo Fort Monday To Friday
3819 Colombo Commuter 13:58 Colombo Fort Daily
3820 Colombo Commuter 16:08 Colombo Fort Monday To Friday
3823 Colombo Commuter 17:02 Colombo Fort Daily
3825 Colombo Commuter 18:25 Colombo Fort Daily
3824 Colombo Commuter 18:42 Colombo Fort Daily
3828 Colombo Commuter 19:19 Colombo Fort Saturday And Sunday
3828 Colombo Commuter 19:52 Colombo Fort Monday To Friday

Time table from Negombo towards Chilaw
Train No Type of the Train Negombo Departure Time Train Runs to Available days
3404 Colombo Commuter 05:20 Nooranagar Daily
3409 Local Trains 07:13 Chilaw Daily
3411 Local Trains 09:27 Puttalam Daily
3412 Local Trains 10:55 Chilaw Daily
3417 Local Trains 12:50 Nooranagar Monday To Friday
3419 Colombo Commuter 14:31 Madampe Daily
3420 Local Trains 15:42 Chilaw Daily
3422 Local Trains 17:03 Chilaw Saturday And Sunday
3424 Colombo Commuter 17:40 Chilaw Sunday Only
3424 Local Trains 17:41 Chilaw Monday To Friday
3422 Local Trains 17:58 Chilaw Monday To Friday
3425 Local Trains 18:19 Puttalam Monday To Friday
3425 Colombo Commuter 18:19 Puttalam Saturday And Sunday
3427 Colombo Commuter 19:28 Chilaw Monday To Friday
3427 Colombo Commuter 19:30 Chilaw Saturday And Sunday
3428 Colombo Commuter 20:20 Chilaw Monday To Friday
3432 Colombo Commuter 21:40 Chilaw Daily

Time table: Colombo Fort to Negombo railway station
Train No Colombo Fort Departure Time Train Runs To Negombo Reaching Time Available Days Of The Week
3404 04:00 Nooranagar 05:19 Daily
3406 05:00 Negombo 06:24 Daily
3409 05:41 Chilaw 07:11 Daily
3411 07:40 Puttalam 09:23 Daily
3418 08:00 Negombo 09:01 Monday To Friday
3412 09:30 Chilaw 10:54 Daily
3417 11:30 Nooranagar 12:49 Monday To Friday
3419 13:10 Madampe 14:30 Daily
3420 14:30 Chilaw 15:41 Daily
3422 15:40 Chilaw 16:59 Saturday And Sunday
3424 16:30 Chilaw 17:39 Sunday Only
3422 16:30 Chilaw 17:57 Monday To Friday
3424 16:45 Chilaw 17:40 Monday To Friday
3425 17:15 Puttalam 18:18 Monday To Friday
3425 17:15 Puttalam 18:18 Saturday And Sunday
3426 17:30 Negombo 18:53 Daily
3427 18:05 Chilaw 19:29 Saturday And Sunday
3427 18:05 Chilaw 19:27 Monday To Friday
3428 19:00 Chilaw 20:19 Monday To Friday
3432 20:20 Chilaw 21:39 Daily

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