Kitalella railway station

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Kitalella railway station

Kitalella  railway station
Kitalella  railway station
 Kitalella  railway station is a small countryside railway station in Sri Lanka Railways and 74th station on the main line from Colombo fort. Railway station is located between Ella and Heeloya railway stations in the Badulla district of Uwa Province. It is 269.83 km far from Colombo Fort and elevation of 1091.43m H.A.M.S.L. Station has one platform and almost all the trains that running on the line are stop at the station. Kital Ella Railway Station Code is KEL and station was opened in 1999.

Time table at Kital Ella railway station

Colombo Fort to Kital Elle Time table
Train No Type Of The Train Colombo Fort Departure Time Train Runs To Kital Elle Reaching Time Available Days
1005 Long Distance 05:55 Badulla 15:01 Daily
1015 Long Distance 09:45 Badulla 18:25 Daily
1045 Long Distance 20:00 Badulla 05:58 Daily
Time Table Kitalella to Badulla
Train No Type of The Train Kital Elle Departure Time Train Runs To Badulla Reaching Time Available Days
1045 Long Distance 05:59 Badulla 07:10 Daily
1126 Mixed Trains 13:00 Badulla 14:15 Daily
1005 Long Distance 15:02 Badulla 16:00 Daily
1015 Long Distance 18:26 Badulla 19:25 Daily
Train time from Kitalella to Colombo Fort / Kandy
Train No Type of the Train Kital Elle Departure Time Train Runs to Available days
1016 Long Distance 06:49 Colombo Fort Daily
1006 Long Distance 09:53 Colombo Fort Daily
1596 Mixed Trains 13:16 Kandy Daily
1046 Long Distance 19:13 Colombo Fort Daily

Train fares from Kital Ella
Station 1st class(Rs.) 2nd class(Rs.) 3rd class (Rs.)
Colombo Fort 620.00 350.00 190.00
Haputale 80.00 40.00 25.00
Badulla 80.00 40.00 25.00
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Kitalella  railway station
Kitalella  railway station

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