Matale Railway Station

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Matale Railway Station

Matale railway station is a Terminus railway station which  terminus of the Matale line in Sri Lanka railways and 65th railway station on the line from Colombo Fort railway station. On 4 October1880, first train run from Colombo to Matale after completion of the track work.The Station is situated in Matale district in the Central province, at147.14km from Colombo Fort and 27.64km from Kandy railway Station. Elevation of the Matale railway station is 351.21km and station Code is MTL

Visitor attractions in Matale
Aluvihara Temple (Buddhist temple Matale Alu Viharaya)

Knuckles Mountain Range including Riverstan and Pitawalapathana View pictures of Riverstone

Wasgamuwa National Park 
 View more pictures Wasgamuwa National Park

This section provides you with train tickets fares and train time schedules from  Matale railway station

Time Table at Matale railway station and train tickets fares
To Peradeniya / Kandy
Train No Type of the Train Matale Departure Time Train Runs to Available days
2036 Local Trains 05:00 Kandy Daily
2627 Local Trains 06:40 Peradeniya Daily
2632 Local Trains 10:15 Kandy Daily
2633 Local Trains 13:55 Peradeniya Daily
2185 Local Trains 17:00 Kandy Daily
2638 Local Trains 18:40 Kandy Daily

Train time table from Kandy to Matale
Train No Type of the Train Kandy Departure Time Train Runs to Matale Reaching Time Available days of the week
2231 Local Trains 05:00 Matale 06:13 Daily
2236 Local Trains 07:04 Matale 08:38 Daily
2237 Local Trains 10:20 Matale 11:40 Daily
2243 Local Trains 17:10 Matale 18:23 Daily
2244 Local Trains 18:40 Matale 20:03 Daily
Time table from Peradeniya to Matale
Train No Type of the Train Peradeniya Departure Time Train Starting from Train Runs to MATALE Reaching Time Available days
2243 Local train 16:45 Peradeniya Matale 18:23 Daily

 Some train tickets fares from Matale railway station

Station 1st class (Rs) 2nd class (Rs) 3rd class (Rs)
Wattegama 60.00 30.00 15.00
 Kandy 100.00 50.00 25.00
Peradeniya 120.00 60.00 35.00

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