Mihintale railway station

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Mihintale railway station

Mihintale railway station is a famous terminus railway station which is  the  terminus of  Mihintale line and situated in Anuradhapura district of North central province in Sri Lanka.It is 217.74km away from the Colombo fort railway station. Station has one platform with a siding and Station Code is MHN.
Station  opened on 28 may 1993
Trains  on the Mihintale line operate only  during the Poson festival and now, only one train runs
 on the line also limit to the Saturdays and Sundays.
 See also Mihintale Junction railway station

Mhintale terminus time table

To Anuradhapura
Train No Type of The Train Mihintale Departure Time Train Runs To Anuradhapura Reaching Time Available Days
4446 Local Trains 15:00 Anuradhapura 15:35 Saturday And Sunday
Time table Anuradhapura to Mihintale
Train No Type of The Train Anuradhapura Departure Time Train Runs To Mihintale Reaching Time Available Days
4445 Local Trains 10.30 Mihintale 11.05 Saturday And Sunday

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