Talawa Railway Station

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Talawa Railway Station

Talawa railway station is located between Thambuttegama and Sravasthipura railway stations on the Northern Line and 187.20km far from Colombo Fort with an elevation of 103.65m HAMSL. It is 52nd railway station from the Colombo Fort railway station. Station built in 1903, after  part of the  Kurunegala to Anuradhapura track was completed.
Talawa railway station code is TLA

Train tickets price from Talawa railway station to
1st class 2nd class 3rd Class
Colombo Fort 500.00 270.00 150.00
Anuradhapura 60.00 30.00 15.00
Polgahawela 340.00 190.00 100.00

Talawa Railway Station Train Time table
Time table To AnuradhaPura / Medawachchi / Vavunia

Train No Type of the Train Talawa Departure Time Train Runs to Available days
4089 Long Distance 03:12 Omanthai Daily
4461 Local Trains 07:26 Anuradhapura Daily
4001 Long Distance 09:21 Omanthai Daily
4081 Local Trains 10:58 Medawachchiya Daily
4452 Mixed Trains 15:25 Anuradhapura Daily
4085 Long Distance 18:16 Omanthai Daily

Train Time table from Talawa to Maho / Colombo Fort
Train No Type of the Train Talawa Departure Time Train Runs to Available days
4086 Long Distance 05:25 Colombo Fort Daily
4868 Mixed Trains 09:49 Colombo Fort Daily
4002 Long Distance 14:55 Colombo Fort Daily
4874 Local Trains 17:12 Maho Daily
4090 Colombo Commuter 23:59 Colombo Fort Daily

Colombo Fort to Talawa train time table 

Train No Type of the Train Colombo Fort Departure Time Train Runs to Talawa Reaching Time Available days
4001 Long Distance 05:45 Omanthai 09:20 Daily
4452 Mixed Trains 10:00 Anuradhapura 15:23 Daily
4085 Long Distance 13:45 Omanthai 18:15 Daily
4089 Long Distance 22:30 Omanthai 03:11 Daily

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