Habarana Railway Station

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Habarana Railway Station

Station Code:- HBN
Habarana Railway Station is a countryside railway station located between Palugaswewa and Hataraskotuwa  railways station on the Batticaloa line in Anuradhapura district of North Central province.Distance is 207.94km from Colombo Fort and 50km from Polonnaruwa railway station.Railway station Elevation is 171.04m and station has one track and one  platform.Station opened after the track extend from Maho junction to Galoya junction in 1924.

Habarana is a resort town,located in the Anuradhapura District of North central.Province in Sri Lanka.
It is popular for Wildlife safari in Habarana Jungle which famous for it's heavy population of wild Elephants.Habarana City  has large numbers  of  best hotels or accommodation for local visitors or Foreign Visitors.
Popular places nearby Habarana
Minneriya sanctuary 
Dambulla cave temple
Ruin of Sigiriya Also known as Sigiriya  Lion Mountain

Ancient rock fortress and castle/palace, and  one of the world 
heritage site declared by UNESCO is situated nearby the 
Habarana Town distance about 22km.
View pictures of Sigiriya

Sigiriya  Lion Mountain

Time table at the Habarana railway station
Habarana to Galoya junction / Batticaloa / Trincomalee
Train No
Type / Train
Departure Time Train Runs To Available days
7887 Long Distance 01.03 Trincomalee Daily
7083 Long Distance 02:34 Trincomalee Daily
6479 Local Trains 08:10 Batticaloa Daily
6011 Long Distance E Batticaloa Daily
6079 Long Distance E Batticaloa Daily
6493 Goods Trains * Batticaloa Friday Only
Train time table Habarana to Maho / Colombo Fort
Train No
Type / Train
Departure Time Train Runs To Available days
6891 Local Train 15.53 Maho Daily
7084 Long Distance 22.19 Colombo Fort Daily
Time table from Colombo Fort to Habarana
Train No
Type / Train
Colombo Fort Departure Time Habarana   Reaching Time Train Runs To Available days
7083 Local Train 21.00 02.33 Trincomalee Daily
Train Tickets Price From  Habarana
1st Class
2nd Class 3rd Class
From Colombo Fort to All Stations
Colombo Fort 540.00 300.00 160.00
Maho Junction

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