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E 03 Colombo-Katunayake User Fee National Highway

Katunayake highway

Katunayake Expressway at kerawalapitiya

The Colombo katunayake Expressway, (Katunayake Highway) is an expressway that connecting Colombo City and Colombo Airport, Katunayake in the Western province of Sri Lanka. The road, abbreviated as “CKE” starts from New Kelani bridge (on A01 road and start of A03 road) and end at AB 09 road which main entry to the Bandaranaike International Airport. The 25.8 Km. Long CKE has two lanes in dual carriageway and 4 interchanges. The 80Km/h and 100 Km/h Speeds limit of the CKE will reduce the travel time from 2 hours to 20 Minutes. The Sri Lanka Road Development Authority (RDA) administrates the road and announced plans to upgrade the “CKH” Highway adding new interchange at Kerawalapitiya and interlink with “OCH “ Outer Circular Highway, which is now under construction

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Bridge of "OCH"on Katunayake highway at kerawalapitiya

Intersection of the “OCH “ Outer Circular Highway at Kerawalapitiya

Highway design

  • highway design pavement

    1 : Bridge and pavement

  • highway design- sound barrier at kerawalapitiya

    2 : Sound barrier

  • emergency telephone box

    3 : Emergency telephone box

The Colombo Katunayake Expressway designed according to the high stranded highway/expressway Specification for maximum Road User Benefits.

Map of Katunayake highway

map of Colombo katunayake highway

See Katunayake highway on Google satellite map

Interchanges of CKE

Interchanges Access From / To Distance
New Kelani Bridge A01, A03 0.00km
Peliyagoda A01, A03 1.82km
Ja-Ela A03 16.40km
Katunayake A03, AB09 25.80km

Benifits of CKE

Road user benefits
Economic development - Tourism
Transport infrastructure is one of the most significant incentive to the development of tourism in a country. The CKE is directly connected to the airport and major tourist area of the coastal belt via the National Expressway Grid will become a significant growth of economic and tourism development.

User Fee Rates Peliyagoda To Katunayake

Cars Category 1 Vehicles (eg: Cars) Rs 300

Category 4 Vehicles (eg: Motor Lorry)  Rs 800

You can see more details about tickets fees: - National Thoroughfares Act, No. 40 of 2008 published in the Gazette on October 12, 2013.

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