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Sri Lanka-Southern Expressway-E-01

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Southern Expressway E01

The Southern Expressway is a 126 km-long access controlled expressway or a limited-access highway running from Colombo to Matara in Sri Lanka. It administrates by the Road Development Authority, amenable to the Ministry of Ports and Highways in Sri Lanka
The road classified as an international E road that has High Design Standard and numbered as E 01, which is Sri Lanka's first-ever E type highways.
The Road (S.T.D.P.)* is divided into two sections. The first section is Colombo to Galle 96 km long and other section is Galle to Matara that 35 km long in the southern province. Estimated cost of the project is around $1.1 billions.
The first section from Colombo to Galle is now open to the public and the second section from Galle to Matara is under construction and will be open in next few days in 2013. As well as will extend the Expressway from Matara to Hambanthota that connecting Mattala airport, which is second international airport, situated in southern province of Sri Lanka.
There are 2 lanes in each direction and design speed of the Expressway is 120 km/h however, the operation speed of the Expressway is 100 km/h.
The first section of the Road consists of 08 interchanges from Colombo (Kottawa) to Galle (Pinnaduwa) and second section consists 03 interchanges from Galle(Pinnaduwa) to Matara(Godagama) in the southern region of Sri Lanka. Kottawa is a suburb of Sri Lanka existing 17 km away from Colombo city where the place that the road connect to the (OCH) outer circular highway of Sri Lanka Expressway network and Pinnaduwa is an interchange that 5 km long access road from Galle city connect to the Expressway. Godagama is a suburb and terminus of the road and connect Matara city by 3 km long access way that developed part of the A 024 Matara Akurassa   highway road...
Travel rest area highways
The Expressway has a Travel Plaza or Service area which travelers can rest,refuel or obtain any public facilities without leave on to minor roads,located between Dodangoda and Welipanna Interchanges at the 44 km.
First section of the project contains the longest bridge in Sri Lanka across Bentara River (Bentara Ganga) situated between Wellipanna and Kurudugahahetekma a length of 700 m and an 18 m width.
See on Google  Map  Bentara river bridge and Southern expressway map
Southern Transport Development Project

E 01 Class highways (access control)

Design of Southern Expressway ( limited-access highway)
Total Length 126 km
Number of toll gates 11
Number of Service Areas 01
Total lanes 04 lanes (02-lane by 2 carriageways)
Lane Width  3.5 m
Median Width 1.5 m
Shoulders Width 1.75 m
Pavement Width 19 m 
Speed limit 100km/h

Toll gates (Interchanges) in The Southern Expressway
  1. Kottawa         00 km (A 004)
  2. Kahatuduwa   5.9 km (B 084)
  3. Gelanigama    13.7 km (A 008)
  4. Dodangoda    34.8 km (B 304)
  5. Welipanna      46 km  (B 157)
  6. Kurudugaha hetekma     67.6 km (B 014)
  7. Baddegama                   79.8 (B 153)
  8. Pinnaduwa                     95.3 km (B 594 - B 129)
Under construction (completed)
  1. Deegoda         107 km (A 017) *
  2. kokmaduwa    115 km (B 465)
  3. Godagama      126 km(A 024)
*Distance taken with Google satellite map
The Vehicles that not allowed in Expressways
Pedestrians Bicycles  Motor bicycles  Three Wheeler, and Tractors.
Also C.T.B. and Private buses need special permission to use the expressway.

Emergency telephone number - 
Hotline  1969
Advantage of the Project
  • Road User Benefits
  • Value of land and property
  • Positive Impact on Employment and Earnings
  • International tourist trade flowing to coastal areas such as Bentota, Galle, Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna, Ahangama, Matara, and Tangalle  are positively associate with the country and contribute to the remarkable increase of Sri Lanka tourism
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