Nuwara Wewa-(Tank)-Anuradhapura

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Nuwara Wewa-(Tank)-Anuradhapura

Nuwara wewa

(tank) is a man made tank situated in Anuradhapura city which is one of the eight World Heritage Sites of Sri Lanka. The tank owed its name 'Nuwara wewa' in Sinhalese that mean of ‘tank in the city’ because of the tank situated close to the Anuradhapura city. It is one of the top 10 largest man made tanks in the country that consist of water about 150 millions cubic meters and covering of area about 4000 hectares with a 4 km long embankment. Both of now and early it serve to the people that providing the water for agriculture and human activities of the Anuradhapura area.

According to the Sri Lanka history, King Walagambahu who reined the country during the first century BC, built the tank by crossing   River Malwatu oya by way of main feeder of the tank. Another popular man made tank in Anuradhapura is Tissa wewa which made by king Dewanam Piya Tissa in 200 BC situated at 2km away from the tank near temple called “Isurumuniya”.

As the picture, view of at the west bank of Nuwara wewa  is most beautiful by means of, cows are on the green grass, trees in the surroundings area, various birds are fishing such as egrets, cormorants, painted storks, spoonbills and   hornbills. Also view of the Mihintale Viharaya which is another famous attraction located on Mount Mihintale in a 14km stretch is improve the beauty of the location.

How reach Nuwara Wewa

The tank is a ten minutes walk from  Anuradhapura railway station  and travelers who travel by other ways from the city center use the Google map that provides bellow to find which road you need to take to reach the Nuwara wewa
you can find train time table on this page  Colombo to Northernline
Train time table at Anuradhapura railway station
Map of Anuradhapura

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Stay Near the Nuwara Wewa

There are many types of accommodations around the Nuwara Wewa. Such as guesthouses, , luxury hotels, an Eco-friendly holiday bungalows, otherwise Vilas, discount hotels, and  many more budget accommodations.

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