Uncelebrated Small Hidden Places In Sri Lanka

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Uncelebrated Small Hidden Places In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka small undistinguished places 
     There are many hidden places in Sri Lanka that not too many people know about that because of the most  related services of tourism encourage to the people to travel highest rated sites and destinations such as Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Kandy , some cities in  hill countries and beaches around  of Sri Lanka coastal belt.  Also in the web, all major search engines show them on top of their list according to fact and figure that provided by persons related to the travels services.
But, this page will encourage leading you into discover these uncelebrated small hidden places where situated in Small villages in Sri Lanka and bring you closer to the Sri Lanka community to explorer it’s culture and history, which is 2500 old.  Furthermore, helping to the explorer Sri Lanka culture and history is one of the goals of our website
Sometime, there can be no secrets and no higher worth of the place, so that it's a waste of money and time to going that places and would not suggest trying to travel the locations. If it is doesn't matter, ask to local tour guide for traveling to that locations.

The Kiri Amma Ulpotha

The Kiri Amma Ulpotha is a miraculous, small lake situated near DhagaVila tank

View of Daghawila Tank and path in to the forest

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