Northern Expressway - Sri Lanka

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Northern Expressway - Sri Lanka

 The Northern Expressway is a one of the proposed expressways in Sri Lanka that will run from Colombo to Jaffna via Mirigama,Kurunegala,Dambulla and Anuradhapura. length of the Expressway is 300km First project of the road is Colombo to Dambulla including extension to Kandy that connecting the expressway at Mirigama. The road will start at Enderamulla, where intersection of the OCH (Outer Circular Highway)that section from Kadawatha to Kerawalapitiya. It is presently under construction.  The first project is an investment of Chinese government and estimated cost is 1.5 billion $. After the road constructed, it is expected to ease traffic congestion along from Colombo to Dambulla, Kandy, Kurunegala and Anuradhapura areas.

Project is composed of four distinct sections. First section of the Expressway from Enderamulla to Ambepussa is well planned as a viaduct and parallel to Railway line using free government land for reduce impacts on the ecosystem and protect heavy use areas such as Ragama Gampaha and Veyangoda that suburbs of fast growing areas in Sri Lanka. Other phases of the project will continue in sequence from Mirigama to Pallandeniya (kurunegala) Ambepussa to katugastota (Kandy) and Pellandeniya to Dambulla It is planned to the North and Central province through paddy field, coconut lands and bare lands that avoiding damages to neighborhoods and historic land marks. The 3rd segment of the project that connect two intersections at Ambepussa and katugastota stretching through hill country in Central province consist of tunnels, bridges, underpasses, and over passes will make some of the most spectacular scenery to travelers of the Northern Expressway.
Sections of the project
  • Phase 01
Enderamulla (Colombo) to Ambepussa   52.80 km
  • Phase 02 
Mirigama to Pellandeniya (Kurunegala)   39.00 km
  • Phase 3
Ambepussa to Katugastota (Kandy)        46 km changed 
  • Phase 4

Pellandeniya (Kurunegala) to Dambulla     60 km

Interchanges and Intersections
Colombo to Dambulla
Enderamulla Intersection OCH - Colombo
Gampaha Interchange
Veyangoda Interchange
Mirigama Intersection Jaffna - Kandy
Dampelassa Interchange
Pallandeniya Interchange
Galewela Interchange
Dambulla Intersection Jaffana - Trincomalee
Mirigama to Kandy
Mirigama Intersection Jaffna - Kandy Changed
Ambepussa Interchange
Rambukkana Interchange
Haadeniya Interchange
Katugastota Intersection OCH - Kandy

Proposed Northern expressway  in Google map
This map is a user generated  output from the Google satellite map. Data layers that appear on this map  is not an exact representation of the area. It  is  for general reference only and have not been officially approved . Therefore it is not intended for any other use and should not be relied on for any other purpose

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