Explore the Golden Rock

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Explore the Golden Rock

Golden Rock Temple

Situated on the top of the Mountain of Golden rock temple complex in Dambulla,Sri Lanka
the premises is compose of five caves which including more than 100 of Buddha statues and images that constructed in 1st century BC, by king Walagamba or Vattagamani Abhaya, and King Nissanka Malla in the 12th century.

Well paved Steps for climb to The Golden Rock

Spectacular landscape View from route of the Golden cave .

 Wild plant at Dambulla Golden Rock
 Wild Flowers at Dambulla Golden Rock
There is a large number of endemic and rare species of wild plants, herbs, and wild flowers can be found at side way of the golden rock    :- View more details

The golden cave 

There are five caves in the Golden Cave Complex
Cave 1 - Temple of the Divine King - Devaraja Lena (Devaraja Viharaya )

Cave 2 - Temple of the Great King - Maharaja Viharaya

Cave 3 - New Great Temple - Maha Aluth Viharaya

Cave 4 - Western Temple - Paschima Viharaya

Cave 5 - Second New Temple - Devana Alut Viharaya

A Buddha statue in the Golden cave   

There are more than 150 statues and wall images in the Golden Cave
See more pictures of  the Golden Cave-Dambulla

Pleasure garden of The Golden Cave temple

 Sacred Bo Tree in The Garden
 Beautiful water pond at the  top 

 Spectacular scenery from the Temple

spectacular view of Dambulla golden cavae

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