Kankesanthurai Railway Station

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Kankesanthurai Railway Station

Kankesanthurai railway station is terminus of the Track No 04 - Northern line and situated in Northern province in Sri Lanka. It is 57th station from Colombo Fort railway station and  distance between Kankesanthurai railway station and Colombo Fort Railway station is 410 km with elevation of 3.04 m High  above mean sea level. Station has two platforms with two siding that providing facilities for railway termination. Station was opened in 1905 when train service extended from Jaffna to Kankesan. Station was reopened in 02-01-2015 after reconstruction of the Northern Line.

Original station was opened in 1905*. It was abandoned in 1990, when services of the Northern line were stopped due to the terrorist activity.
After the Victory in 2009, Sri Lanka Government inaugurated that reconstruction project for the railway lines of the Northern province. Completion of Northern railway line from Jaffna to Kankesanthurai, service have been started and Yal Devi train reach to Kankesanthurai from 02-01-2015.

Train Time Table at Kankesanthurai Railway station

Train Time Schedule from Kankesanthurai to Jaffna / Colombo Fort

Train NoName / TypeDeparture TimeDestinationAvailable

Inbound trains that terminate at the station

Train noReaching timeFrom
400112:20Colombo Fort
401718:42Colombo Fort
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