All Sri Lanka Train Numbers

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All Sri Lanka Train Numbers

The System of Train Numbers

All the trains running in Sri Lanka that operates by Sri Lanka Railways has individual train numbers for identify and assist to routing and controlling the trains properly.
Generally, The train number is consist of 4 unit digit number and first number represent the Track Number that the train does operate the service. 2nd number indicate the train type that usually '0' signify the long distance trains or Express train even Intercity Express Trains. Also, all odd numbers assert the Colombo Outbound trains and all even numbers are the Colombo Inbound trains.
Example :
Train number 4017 = Colombo to Kankesanturai Intercity Express Outbound Train and 4018 is the Inbound trains of that train which is Kankesanturai to Colombo Fort. Kankesanturai Railway station is located on Track No 4 Northern line so then first Number is 4 .
Train No 1015 Colombo to Badulla that Track No 1 Main line
Train No 1016 is Badulla Colombo inbound train of the same train

List of Sri Lanka Train Numbers

By track order

This list will help you determine trains starting from a station, trains passing through a station and train timetable.
Track No 1
Track No 2

Track No 3
Track No 4
Track No 5

Track No 6
Track No 7

Track No 8
Track No 9

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