Jaffna Railway Station

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Jaffna Railway Station

Jaffna Railway station is situated on Northern Line 393 km away from the center of the rail network (Colombo)with elevation of 3.04 m AMSL. It is the major railway station in Jaffna peninsula and it is also the busiest railway station in the Northern Province in Sri Lanka. Station was opened to the public on 01 Aug 1905 when completing the last segment of the northern Line. The famous Yaldevi train was reached the Jaffna railway station on 23rd April 1956. Well designed construction of the station was one of the most beautiful station in Sri Lanka but abandoned in 1990 and Station was reopened on 13 October 2014 completing the Northern province redevelopment project. All the trains including Ac Intercity express trains that running at the line are stop at the station and station serves as a terminus for several inbound trains which are come from Colombo Fort and Anuradhapura. The preceding station is Punkankulam Station and next station is Kokuvil Railway station.

Timetable at Jaffna railway station

Time schedule to Chunnakam / Kankesanturai


Time schedule to Vavuniya / Anuradhapura / Colombo Fort

Train NoTypeTimeDestinationAvailable
4078XPT06:30Colombo FortDaily
4094XPT09:10Colombo FortSun
4018ICE10:10Colombo FortDaily
4002ICE-Ac13:45Colombo FortDaily
4090NMT19:00Colombo FortDaily

The trains that terminate at the Jaffna railway station

No 4091 and 4093 trains terminate at Jaffna railway station and those trains start from Jaffna railway station as Train No 4092 and 4094
Train NoTypeReaching TimeAvailable
4091XPT06:30Sat Only
4093XPT09:10Sat Only
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