Beira Lake boat trips: the massive adventure in the water and the cruising in the Colombo Nile!

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Beira Lake boat trips: the massive adventure in the water and the cruising in the Colombo Nile!

Colombo is the city of heavy traffic and skyscrapers that are almost hugging the sky. It is a place of natural beauty, too, but made artificially. But still, there is one thing that is so natural. And it is a creation of the leaders of the Kandy and Seethawaka kingdoms in the past centuries. What we are entering is a unique landmark of Colombo. So then what are we waiting for, let us go on the Beira lake boat ride!
A passenger boat service was started from the union place to Colombo Fort. It Called Diyathma & Diyathra, And this was initially implemented as a resolution for the high traffic in Colombo. The first boat service was launched from the Lake House by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Megapolis and Western Development. This boat service is cruising around the traffic city of Colombo. And as a treat, this is free for a month. And you have no trouble with the passenger safety because the Sri Lankan Navy operates the boat service.
So, then we will look more into the Beira lake passenger boat service timetable and fee for a single voyage in the city. According to city guidelines, the lake was first built by the Portuguese as shield protection from the invasions by local kings. And this lake was an excellent habitat of large crocodiles too. But in the reign of the British, this lake was used for recreational activities. Since the lake was more significant than the size at now, islands in the lake were used for different purposes. And records say that one island was used for coconut cultivation.

Beira lake passenger boat service timetable and fee

This passenger boat service is for two main periods. The noon service is mainly for office workers to travel from Union Place to Colombo. Because of the heavy traffic, especially after school, time makes it a tough time for all. So you can travel within 15 minutes from Union Place to Colombo.

Weekdays Regular Time Table
Departure from Union Place Boat Jetty
Departure Time
7:30 AM
7:50 AM
8:10 AM
8:30 AM
8:50 AM
9:10 AM
9:30 AM
3:30 PM
3:50 PM
4:10 PM
4:30 PM
4:50 PM
5:10 PM
5:30 PM
5:50 PM
6:10 PM

Special Beira Lake Scenic Tour Time table
Only On Weekend and Other Public Holidays
30min Ride Start From Fort Jetty Near SLECC

10.00 AM
4.00 PM
6.30 PM

For Contact & Reservations Call: 071-0387168

Diyathma & Diyathra Boat Facilities
  • Fully Air Conditioned
  • 50 pax Capacity
  • Lavatory Facilities
  • Comfortable Seats
  • TV and Music
And the night boat service is for the tourist. The Beira lake is surrounded by some leading hotels, and you can even have dinner on the water. You might think it is precisely the same that is in a hotel. But remember it is the same but except on water. So you can enjoy the epic scenic view. And currently, there are two islands in Beira Lake Colombo. The first one is the Simamalaka viharaya, which is a place of worship by the Buddist. The other is the Kaala Doova, and this place is a fun park with cute bunnies roaming around. And this place is really romantic too. These are the times of boat rides, so as we told you to decide which trip you take in. But we prefer the night ride.
When going to talk about fees of a ride, according to the report, no entrance fees to enter the Beira Lake, there is a fee for tripping. Only Rs:100 For Person. Usually, it is worth the cost, because the lake is close to famous landmarks. The Gangarama Temple, Viharamahadevi park, and Gangarama Park are really fascinating bits of this voyage.
In conclusion, we believe that you are now ready to head for a Beira Lake Boat ride. So then have fun and enjoy Colombo while on a cruise like no other.

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