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Journey to The Green Zone

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Journey to the green zone

Welcome to Sri Lanka
The land with  rich and varied history
 Scenic train journeys in Sri Lanka by "sssnew".
 *Journey to the green zone* provides  information about historical places and natural places related to the train journeys in Sri Lanka including "Journey to the hill country" which one of the most scenic rail journeys in the world. You can watch videos, discuss any photos,  and many more.. Discover the Sri Lanka  amazing nature 2500 years old history and Culture  with world heritage sites in our fantastic paradise

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Picture gallery
 which are taken by amateur photographers . The majority of the photos in this collection about travel destinations related to the train journeys in Sri Lanka. including , Train Stations,Trains, Mountains,  Beaches around the island,Water falls, Flowers, and Animals  but the range will increase with time.  

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End of the journey To The Hill Country, don't miss to visit

Dunhinda Falls

7km from Badulla town

On the way to Dunhinda Falls

Visit Dunhinda

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  • Railway network map including all railway tracks,junctions and terminus

  • Elivation vs distance chart of Sri lanka Main line

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