Journey to The Green Zone

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 Natural Flowers

Sri Lanka Flowers and plants  pictures and details 
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Badulla, Kithal ella, Elle,Diyathalawa,Bandarawela,
Haliela,  Demodara,    and more

Railway tunnels
The train  entering the rail road tunnels

Amazing Nature Pictures - Great Western
enjoying the amazing landscape of the Great Western

See the breath taking views of Sri Lanka up country

 Water Falls
Spectacular Views in Dunhinda Falls 
Through the year,  people have enjoyed the sparkling scenery of this water falls

Sri Lanka train pictures   01  -  02
 Picture of railways

From the train window between Colombo and Badulla
From the train window between Colombo and Puttalam line

Natural beauty of Sri Lanka
  Pictures of Sri Lanka

Other Pictures

Free images, which are taken by amateur photographers with a love of nature.

The 'sssnew' images presented here are pictures that we have collected over time. Most of them have been in our personal archive collection of our exploration in Si Lanka.   more up-to-date photos can bee seen on our various web pages relation to "sssnew".  
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 The majority of the photos in this collection about travel destinations related to train journeys in Sri Lanka. including , train stations,trains,mountains,  water falls, flowers,sea and animals  but the range will increase with time.

All images can be download for free and you can modify for any purpose. use these SSSNEW pictures in your website, blog or well as for commercial use.
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End of the journey To The Hill Country, don't miss to visit

Dunhinda Falls

7km from Badulla town

On the way to Dunhinda Falls

Visit Dunhinda

Sri Lanka railway maps
  • Railway network map including all railway tracks,junctions and terminus

  • Elivation vs distance chart of Sri lanka Main line

Find Sri Lanka Railway network map, Elivation map and other maps

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